Brunch with the girls at The Sassy Spoon

Avanee, Anjallee and I = Girls

Once in a while, we get together on weekends to try out new restaurants / cafes to satisfy our foodie aspirations, for breakfast, brunch, lunch or sometimes dinner. So last Sunday, while the whole world ( in this instance, 99% of India) was watching the World Cup clash between India and Pakistan, we decided to meet up for brunch at The Sassy Spoon, the newly opened branch at Hill Road, Bandra after the original one at Colaba.

The great thing about meeting on such a Sunday is that the café was practically empty, not surprisingly, which meant we got all the attention we desired! Anjallee and I kicked off with a healthy Carrot and Apple cooler while Avanee went for an Iced Ginger Tea. Just looking at them made us feel healthy…although Avanee was a little disappointed that they did not serve a white Wine Sangria. For the mains, we ordered a vegetarian couscous dish, a Brown Rice Paella and a fried Gnocchi with a relish of pumpkin, artichokes and apples. Each dish was well thought out, bursting with just enough flavour so as to not overwhelm the core ingredients and generous portion sizes. The only comment about the Gnocchi was that it was more of a starter / appetizer type dish as it was quite dry without any sauce to bind it together. Nonetheless, it would be great as a side or served as canapés which got me thinking!!

The Sassy Spoon – Dessert Counter

With Avanee in tow, you can be sure to never finish a meal without a dessert. Although this time around,  having sat just opposite the dessert counter, I was the one who kept leaping to see what was on offer. As soon as we had our mains. we quickly ordered a Berry Trifle having witnessed a fresh batch just come in and a Rasberry and Chocolate Mousse Cake.

However, as soon as we had the first bite, we were disappointed with the overt sugariness of both the desserts, with no tartness in the form of fresh fruit or sauce to cut through the sweetness.

SS - Chocolate and Rasberry MousseNonetheless, these brunches are not so much about the food as it is about spending time with friends and watching the world go by. And we had a very important reason for heading out as the National Handloom Exposition was in town and we had planned to go shopping together to get our fill of beautiful hand-woven textiles, sarees and fabrics. Having a good meal was to ensure we had sufficient energy to keep up with the several hours of shopping in the afternoon heat !!


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