Dosa Delight

A quick one for the long weekend when we celebrated Holi , the festival of colours to welcome the onset of Spring in India. I guess this is one festival where you can really let your hair down, play with colours like a child, misbehave with young and old, men and women and still no one will complain…unless of course you go overboard. Owing to the long weekend, the ‘dosa’  (rice crepes) ritual was brought forward by a couple of days and it got me thinking on how to prepare the ‘ Spring’ dosa that is served in restaurants and decided to give it a go and the result was amazing. Spring Dosa For the uninitiated, dosas are very similar to crepes, made from rice and lentil batter and  are fantastic for those after exciting gluten free recipes and a lovely alternative to your crepes/ breads made from gluten free flour. Absolutely no compromise on taste, I promise. There are tons of dosa varieties ( Plain, masala, onion, rava, mysore…and newer versions with cheese and noodle fillings) but get started on the basic one and you can keep experimenting with all sorts of variations. This post one isn’t a recipe for the dosa but just to show how simple it is to give your usual dosa a twist and surprise your family. You can look up the recipe for dosa on google and anyone is as good as another. The trick here being that after pouring the batter on the skillet, make a cut from the centre point along the radius when it is still wet. Once the dosa has turned crisp and golden, starting turning from one side of the incision to form a cone till you have turned the whole dosa around and place it on a plate with the cone pointing upwards. That is it. Served it with your favourite chutney.


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